A party in a Falmouth park broke into violence after almost 80 teenagers turned up.

Photos on social media showed litter and broken glass covering Boscawen Fields grassed area, overlooking Gyllyngvase Beach, on Sunday morning.

Also visible were birthday cards addressed to a girl, which had been left behind near one of the benches.

It led to claims on social media that the party had ended up with "police everywhere" - and a force spokesperson has since confirmed that officers were sent there on Saturday evening, following reports of disorder.

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The police spokesperson said: "Police were notified on Saturday evening at around 10.20pm of disorder amongst a large group of teenagers in Falmouth.

"Officers attended the area, where it was reported that multiple groups had gathered.

"Between 60 and 80 people were reported to have gathered in the area and were dispersed by police."

She went on to say that officers had received a report of one man being punched, but she added: "Officers have since spoken to the man and no policing action is being taken at this time."

Falmouth Packet:

Bottles and remnants of beer cases were left

One of the rumours on social media had been that at least one person had been 'bottled' during the course of the evening - something that the police spokesperson also addressed.

She said that it had indeed been initially reported to police that a girl had been assaulted with a glass bottle, but this "turned out not to be the case."

It had been claimed on social media that what was meant to have been a small group of teenagers but "loads of people turned up" and "a girl got bottled."

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Another person wrote that they been in the area at the time, claiming: "Over 100 kids running the streets. Cars being smashed up. People fighting, bottles flying.

"Groups of lads running off in gangs saying how they've just punched so and so, etc."

It was alleged that many of the the people came from outside of Falmouth and had travelled from other towns.

A nearby resident has now told the Packet that she had in fact contacted Falmouth Town Council enforcement officers around 7.15pm on Saturday, when she and her husband noticed a large group of teenagers gathering in the field.

"As more kept coming, we notified the police using 101 email at 7.30pm asking for a police presence.

"We then noticed more teenagers arriving with increasing noise. No social distancing had taken place," she added.

Falmouth Packet:

The woman, who is part of a local volunteer group that aims to look after the fields, said on Sunday morning she and another person then went down to the fields to clear up "bags and bags" of broken glass, bottles, cans, toilet rolls and cigarette butts.

"It took two of us over two hours to make some order return.

"During this time the enforcement officers came to see us and we gave them the birthday cards that we'd found and the officers took away the bags of rubbish in their van.

"Whilst the enforcement officers were with us, a resident of Boscawen Road - who we know - came into the fields to chat and she mentioned that she had heard a noise like a skateboard followed by a much louder noise. When she investigated, the car windscreen of her daughter's boyfriend had been broken," she said. 

The resident added: "We are members of the local group who try to look after the fields so that everyone may enjoy this usually tranquil area.

"We have fundraised for each of the stone picnic tables that are in the dog free field at a cost of £1,200 each.

"Whilst there is often small amounts of litter to be found, we have better ways of spending our Sunday mornings than clearing after a group of unruly youngsters who have little respect for the area or the facilities that we spend many hours fundraising for!"