Falmouth’s inshore lifeboat went to the help of three different vessels in need of help on Wednesday.

Launching at 6.57pm from Falmouth station, Helm Jamie Wakefield and crew Tom Bird, Tamara Brookes and Chris Simpson made their way up the Carrick Roads to assist the occupants of a 4m open boat broken down off Ski Beach.

Having checked the occupants, who had swum ashore, were uninjured, the boat and group was towed back to Mylor Harbour.

With the inshore lifeboat Robina Nixon Chard released and returning to the station, the crew became aware of a sailing dinghy that had previously accompanied the first casualty vessel and was now unable to make any headway in the wind.

Diverting to assist the occupants, who were facing rigging issues, the inshore lifeboat took the dinghy under tow again to Mylor Harbour, where it was safely secured at 7.57pm.

Heading back to Falmouth harbour, the volunteer crew saw a three metre rib with one occupant that had broken down, and so went to help.

The vessel was taken under tow into the inner harbour and released when the occupant was able to row to their berth.

The inshore lifeboat then returned to the station, was refuelled and made ready for service by 8.40pm.