Two daring dogs in Helston managed their own great escape last night after they managed to climb onto the roof of a Helston house while their owners were out to dinner.

Maple the cockerpoo and Tammy the sprocker spaniel were spotted teetering on a roof edge in Meneage Street in the evening sunshine yesterday, prompting a 999 call to the fire service from neighbours.

The first that owners Cathryn and Phil Wood knew about it, however, was as they walked back from town after a meal out with Phil's parents and spotted Maple running towards them.

She had somehow managed to get down from the roof and was on her way to greet them.

The family then spotted a fire engine outside and, fearing the worst, Cathryn sent her older son up to find out what was going on.

"I thought we were on fire," she said. "Then, by the time we got there, Tammy was on the roof.

"Phil's family were down and we'd just gone to Wetherspoon's for tea. We weren't gone for long, only about an hour."

It is thought the two dogs had managed to jump onto a bed and then onto a unit and out through a Velux window in the roof.

While Cathryn and Phil's dog Maple - who they described as "a bit of a livewire" - had managed to get down, Tammy, who belongs to Phil's parents, was left pawing the roof in fear.

Falmouth Packet:

Cathryn and her family with runaway Maple. 

"She was petrified," said Cathryn.

Fortunately, Phil's stepdad Steve was able to half climb out of the window and collared Tammy, coaxing her back through.

The family now wants to thank the crew from Helston Fire Station for coming out, saying: "We want to thank them very much for their speedy timing coming, and say sorry. We are a bit embarrassed!"

Cathryn added: "We will never leave the bedroom window open again - or at least have the bedroom door shut!"