I will not be joining 'chicken run' says Coe

MP for Falmouth-Camborne Seb Coe has hit back at suggestions he was giving up the South West Cornwall seat and heading off for the home counties and a safe constituency.

He will stand again at the next general election in the area and hopes the people will give him their support.

Reports circulated again last week that the ex-Olympic athlete was looking for a safer seat and that meant moving nearer to London.

At present he has a 3,267 majority which both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats claim can be swept aside next time round.

But Mr Coe, who has a home in the Falmouth area, has laughed off the suggestion he was joining the "chicken run" and heading east.

He had no plans to go anywhere else, said his secretary Alison Burley.

Mr John Rose, constituency chairman, said: "We should not have to every five minutes tell the world our MP is staying our MP. He has no intention of seeking a safe seat elsewhere. This sort of thing does not happen.

"MPs don't move from seat to seat on a whim. there is no truth in this at all."

"No MP would move just because he fancies a change. It is an idiotic rumour," he added, expressing his anger.

Family reunited with their long lost brother

THIRTY-SEVEN years ago Ken Henderson uprooted from Falmouth and left the area, none of his family seeing him ever since -that is until now thanks to the Salvation Army.

Ken is now 63, and the eldest of five remaining brothers and sisters. Last night he was at a family reunion at the town's football club when many memories were being recalled.

His younger brother Roy said he and his sisters, not least through the television programme Surprise Surprise with Cilla Black.

But in the end it was the Salvation Army who came up trumps and traced Ken up country.

The discovery of their long lost brother has delighted the rest of the family including sisters Rosemary, now 55, Joyce, 51, who lives in Helston and Anne, 41, who lives in Penryn.