A primary school where a staff member recently tested positive for coronavirus has given an update.

Lanivet School near Bodmin had sent a letter to parents yesterday warning of the development. 

However, this afternoon the school issued an update to say the staff member had since undergone a second test for Covid-19 that had come back negative.

In a post on Facebook this afternoon, the school said: "We are either dealing with a false positive test initially or an infection that has come to an end."

It added that several other staff members had also been tested - some because they were advised to by the Track and Trace teams and some voluntarily - and all reported results were negative.

"Thank you to our school community for your caring and respectful reaction to the situation.

"I’m sure that you understand that we must report a positive case as soon as we are given that information.

"Please remember that we are still dealing with this virus being in our community and we need to follow guidelines so that if future cases are report we know that we have all as individuals done our best to limit the spread," said the school.

It went on to add: "We will always share new information with you as soon as possible."