A Falmouth pub and restaurant has joined many other disappointed and frustrated local businesses to appeal to customers' decency after numerous no-shows in the last week.

The Greenbank Hotel's Water’s Edge restaurant and pub The Working Boat saw nearly 50 bookings not show up in the last seven days alone.

The discussion on no-shows in the hospitality industry has been a hot topic on social media over the past few weeks, with chefs such as Paul Ainsworth and Tom Kerridge voicing their despair with bookings who failed to show with no explanation or notice.

Following on from the national lockdown, The Greenbank announced its "dedication to putting the health and safety of guests first and foremost," investing time and money into making its areas Covid-safe, including paying for a large marquee on its private quay to provide undercover outdoor eating.

Hotel director Ben Young said: “We are really saddened and actually quite shocked that in the last week we’ve had 48 bookings simply not show up for their table reservations.

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"One group of ten, when phoned by us an hour after their booked time, simply stated that their 'plans had changed'.

"We fully understand that plans do change, no problem, but please, just let us know.

Falmouth Packet:

The director of the Greenbank Hotel has asked customers to keep their booking or call

"I am imploring our valued customers to please give us the courtesy of letting us know if you no longer want your table booking.

"In this way we can re-let the table and keep our staff in productive work.

"We go to very great lengths to preserve our Covid-secure status so we only book for one seat each service. By not giving us the courtesy of a call, you are potentially putting livelihoods at stake.”

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"The Greenbank is extremely thankful to all those locals and returning, loyal guests who have shown nothing but support and well wishes for the hotel and its staff, but would like to urge customers to avoid no-shows and last minute cancellations, and to really think about the impact this has on an already struggling industry, desperately trying to recover from this turbulent year."