A NEW community training programme, which is free to those out of work, has started in Penryn.

The project, run by Swamp Circus, started in Permarin Park last week and will be in the park every Monday for drop-in training in gardening and country crafts, such as working with willow, yoga and circus skills. Families are welcome.

There is also training at Chyan Cultural Centre on Fridays, with organic gardening and allotment club 10am to noon, and circus fitness circuit from 2pm to 4pm.

All ages and abilities are welcome and social distancing is being adhered to.

The links between mental health, physical wellbeing and nature are now well-known.

The circus works outside with big top performances and teaches physical skills and challenges to those in the community, boosting confidence and skills.

A spokesperson said: "The importance of fitness, healthy food and respect for nature are essentials for us and our children.

"Circo Kernow is the training arm of Swamp Circus Trust that has shows at many local events and festivals.

"The charity has consulted with young people over the years and many dream of a small holding with organic food. Not everyone wants to travel the world with a show!

"Circo Kernow has now built a training centre and community sessions to teach organic food growing, circus fitness and health, mostly in Penryn, Camborne, Redruth and Truro, but the tutors are happy to go to other areas.

"There is a teaching dome with a solar powered computer for reference, a cooking fire, exercise gear and container gardening."

The project is called Chyan Plen. It has gained funding from The Clothworker's Charity and from European funding and will be running across Cornwall for the next five years.

The training is nationally accredited, leading to a BTEC diploma in performing arts or organic horticulture.

For more information contact office@swampcircus.co.uk or ring 01326 377008.