It's the news that pasty fans across Helston have been waiting for - a new bakery is being opened by some of the former staff members of the beloved town favourite Horse & Jockey.

Tinners Bakery is taking over the former Mothers shop in Coinagehall Street and plans to open this Monday.

Behind the venture is Surrinder Paul, known to everyone as Sinbad, and his wife Mary, who worked for Horse & Jockey for 24 years and also has experience working for Warrens in St Just during the early years of the company and latterly Philps Pasties.

Joining them will be Mary's sister Linda Pluckrose, who worked for Horse & Jockey for nearly 20 years and only left Philps two weeks ago, having moved to the company when it opened in Meneage Street before being based out of Hayle when production closed in Helston.

Completing the line up us Linda's husband John, who used to make pastry for Horse & Jockey.

However, while Mary and Linda have more than 40 years combined experience working for Horse & Jockey, they are at pains to stress that they will be producing their own brand of pasties, bringing in elements from all their skills at various locations over the years.

Sinbad said: "We're doing our own recipe. We're not a new Horse & Jockey, we'll have our own little twist as well."

They plan to make all their own pastry on the premises once the new mixer arrives. However, due to coronavirus delays it is a race against time for it to get there before Monday's opening day, which may mean they have to buy in pastry to begin with, until the necessary equipment is to hand.

By making all the pasties on the premises, it means that, with some notice, people can order a pasty to their own specification for the following day - be it with more pepper, no onions or any other personal preference.

"It's that personal touch," said Sinbad.

The team will also be making a range of other bakery products, including sausages rolls, scotch eggs and cakes, the majority of which will be homemade - plus a few other taster experiments on and off, such as samosas - as well as running a salad bar and filled rolls.

Tinners Bakery opens this Monday at 8am and will then be open 8am to 4.30pm or 5pm every Monday to Saturday.