New Cornish distillery Penryn Spirits has launched a new rum – aimed at gin lovers.

A Caribbean Spirit with Cornish Spice designed to be enjoyed with tonic, BORA Botanical Rum "is a refreshingly different aperitif", according to its makers.

Named after the Cornish word for dawn, BORA reinvents traditional spiced rum using British botanicals.

With what is said to be "a complex and yet subtle flavour", BORA is distilled using natural, locally sourced botanicals, including nettles and quinces, to create a light, dry, aromatic spirit.

BORA is designed to partner with tonic, with a sprig of rosemary recommended to complement its botanical notes, Penryn Spirits said.

The small-batch spirit can also be served straight up on the rocks, to add Cornish spice to classic cocktails, and pairs with all light mixers.

As a carbon-negative product, BORA uses cutting-edge technology to distil sustainably, eco-friendly packaging, and offsets emissions by planting trees in Cornwall.

Falmouth Packet:

On a mission to breathe new life into traditional spirits, Penryn Spirits, based in Edgcumbe, near Falmouth and Penryn, was founded by Pete Mack and Willoughby Werner, who have harboured dreams of running a distillery together since they met at Britannia Royal Navy College.

They said: “We are very excited to launch BORA Botanical Rum this summer.

"Following nearly a decade of dreaming, two years of experimentation and refinement, and plenty of setbacks along the way, we’ve created what we believe is a truly unique spirit.

"Harnessing the wealth of flavour offered by the natural botanicals in the Cornish landscape around us, BORA is a complex, smooth, and aromatic rum that brings something different to this burgeoning category.

"We couldn’t be prouder to be distilling and launching BORA within the context of Cornwall’s rich distilling heritage.”

BORA’s black and white bottle design is inspired by Saint Piran's Flag of Cornwall, with a magpie rising up against a gold background. The gold on the label echoes the colours of dawn, as well as BORA’s soft amber hue.

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