A HELSTON drone business has captured a unique view of the latest exhibition at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth.

Bad Wolf Horizon used the latest in its technology – FPV drone video – to capture a virtual tour of the Monsters of the Deep exhibition, which is now on at the museum after being delayed by the coronavirus lockdown.

A shortened version of the tour can be viewed above.

Director Tom Wadsworth explained: "Weaving past thin wires, slotting through tight gaps and skimming around precious artifacts made for a stunning visual experience, but also a brilliant playground for us to show off this exciting technology.

"We couldn't be happier with how the final film turned out!

"FPV (first person view) drones are small, light, flown using FPV headset and an onboard camera.

"What makes this type of aircraft so unique is that they have propeller guards, allowing for safe indoor flights, and are flown totally manually, meaning we can have total creative freedom on where and how we fly.

"There is no other camera system in the world that could achieve the type of shots that we captured in the museum.

"This is a great way to show off the indoor space and to familiarise visitors to the new Covid-friendly layout – including one-way systems and hand-sanitising stations – allowing guests to feel more comfortable upon arrival.

"One-shot videos are a powerful social media marketing tool, as they help to keep the audience engaged on social media as the scenery rushes past them."

Tom said that Richard Doughty, director of the museum, praised the video as being "fabulous" when it was delivered.

Lindsey Skinner, from the museum, said: "It’s a fantastic asset for us to have at the Museum and helps our audiences see our collections in new and exciting ways."

Bad Wolf Horizon is an award-winning B2B drone business, based in Helston, which is "aiming to push the technology forwards when it comes to creative drone services".

Find out more at www.badwolfhorizon.com/fpv-drone-filming