Anger is mounting at the way that drivers are parking their cars in Kernick Road, Penryn.

There is concern that the cars are causing obstructions and are hazardous, as they are forcing cars into the oncoming lane before a blind corner.

Fingers have been pointed at visitors staying at student accommodation, The Sidings, through the summer.

The student accommodation was built with a condition that students would be advised not to bring cars.

One complainant told The Packet: "When The Sidings were built local residents were guaranteed that students would not be taking up valuable parking spaces in Penryn as they would be advised not to bring cars.

"However, during summer months when the rooms are rented out, visitors obviously bring their cars adding to existing parking problems and parking in a way that could potentially endanger life."

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When asked about the complaints, Rebecca Mackay-Roberts of The Sidings Accommodation Team said that the team is taking the matter seriously.

She said: "Students are not allowed to bring a car to The Sidings and we strongly encourage them to use the local public transport system when living with us.

"We inform any summer guests prior to and on arrival that parking is very limited in the area and where the local council car parks are located if they have indeed brought a car with them.

"We have been made aware of some issues relating to parking in the neighbouring area recently and have taken additional measures to try and reduce disruption to local residents or traffic hazards caused by bad parking.

"We care about our role in the local community and take these matters very seriously."

The issue has been hotly discussed on the Facebook page, Falmouth, Penryn And Surrounding Areas Community Information Page, following a post asking: "Anyone else had any near misses with traffic in the evening due to this situation?" together with a photo.

Many people responded with their views of the "dangerous" and "ridiculous" parking that they've seen throughout the past month.

Some made suggestions to remedy the issue, such as introducing parking tickets, double yellow lines and notes on the cars, as well as contacting the council.