An insect repellent spray has sold out within seconds after reports that it might kill coronavirus.

But what is Citriodiol, the spray that is claimed to kill the virus, where can you buy it - and does it actually work? Here's everything we know so far.

Citriodiol: What is it?

Citriodiol is made from the oil of leaves and twigs of the eucalyptus citriodora tree.

The chemical compound is found in insect repellents such as Mosi Guard, Pyramid Trek and others.

According to a report by Sky News, latest research has shown that only insect repellents containing Citriodiol and not containing Deet, have the potential to kill coronavirus.

Falmouth Packet:

What has latest research found about Citriodiol?

UK scientists at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) conducted research to see whether it would provide a protective layer against Covid-19.

The results of the research are being released today (Wednesday, August 26), Sky News reports.

The company that produces Citriodiol also said they believed it could offer protection against the coronavirus.

Britain's armed forces were given an insect repellent that contains a product called Citriodiol because it was believed it might offer a new layer of protection against Covid-19.

Citriodiol is already known to kill other types of coronavirus.

Where can insect spray containing Citriodiol be bought?

Products containing Citriodiol can be purchased online at outlets such as Amazon and Superdrug.

However, within minutes of the news being released, it has been reported that many products containing the chemical compound have sold out.