Police in Falmouth have said there is currently an ongoing 'incident' at Falmouth Docks.

Further details of the specific nature of the incident were minimal, although it was thought to have involved a boat crash. 

Police have now come back to the Packet with a statement giving more details. 

A cargo ship collided with a contracted Ministry of Defence vessel that was fixed to a pontoon, with the former described to have "ran well aground." 

A force spokesperson said: "Police were called to County Wharf, Falmouth Docks, at around 8am this morning with a report that a ship had run aground.

"No injuries have been reported.

"A cargo ship crashed into the ‘Smit Yare’, an MoD contracted vessel from Boskalis, which operates in Falmouth Bay to support RNAS Culdrose’s flying operations.

Falmouth Packet:

The ship collision at Falmouth Docks this morning. Photo: Falmouth Police

"The vessel was secured to the fixed pontoon at the time a commercial tanker collided with it and ran aground.

"Police have been at the scene this morning carrying out enquiries." 

A spokesperson for A&P Falmouth said:  “We can confirm there was an incident involving a vessel as she departed A&P Falmouth this morning.

"A&P’s port operations team responded quickly and the vessel has now been returned to her berth.

"Damage was minimal and there were no injuries.”