People are being asked to have a conversation with their families this week that could go on to save someone's life.

September 7 to 13 marks Organ Donation Week and NHS Blood and Transplant is asking people to speak about the act of donating, to increase the number of people whose lives can be saved or transformed by an organ transplant.

Last year, 41 people in Cornwall had their lives saved by a transplant and currently there are many more in Cornwall who are still waiting for a life-saving call.

On May 20 this year the law around organ donation in England changed to an ‘opt out’ system. This means that it will be considered that you would be willing to donate your organs, unless you have opted out, are in one of the excluded groups or have told your family you do not want to donate.

However, people still have a choice and family members will still be consulted before organ donation goes ahead.

Anthony Clarkson, director of organ donation and transplantation for NHS Blood and Transplant said: “We need more people in Cornwall to talk about organ donation to increase the number of lifesaving transplants.

“Even now the law has changed, families will still be approached before organ donation goes ahead. So it remains so important to talk to your families and make sure they know what you want to happen."

He added that families are more likely to support a person's decision on organ donation when they already know that is what is wanted.

Register for organ donation decision on the NHS Organ Donor Register speeds up the process even more, with Mr Clarkson saying: "If the time comes, we know families find the organ donation conversation with nurses or medical teams much easier if they already know what their relative wanted.”

Find out more and register your decision by visiting NHS Organ Donor Register at