ROAD closures in Truro city centre have been extended until January.

Truro City Council agreed at its latest meeting to fund the extension of the closures in Boscawen Street, King Street, High Cross, St Nicholas Street and Lower Lemon Street until the New Year.

The closures, which were brought in earlier this year to help with social distancing, will continue to be in force from 11am to 3pm, Monday to Saturday.

The Truro partnership team, made up of Truro City Council, Truro Business Improvement District and Visit Truro, said it was "confident that this will encourage visitors and workers to return to the high street with 'space to shop'”.

Truro BID will make a small financial contribution towards the cost of manning the road closures each week as well as funding the road closures on Saturdays and Wednesdays in the run up to Christmas.

Truro City Council has agreed to set aside a maximum of £25,000 to cover the cost and will be applying to Cornwall Council for a grant to cover the costs.

Bert Biscoe, Mayor of Truro, said: “If you love Truro, then make it your business to do your business in Truro and we'll do our best to keep you safe, and to try and sustain your jobs and enterprises.

"Truro City Council, like all other concerns, has suffered financially during lockdown.

"It considers however that providing a safe environment in which people can feel comfortable to distance and queue during the autumn and in the Christmas period is a priority.

"We need to continue to positively manage the twin crises of Covid and economic recovery. All this relies on everybody cooperating and being alert.

"The provision will be kept under regular review as we welcome people back to work in the town centre, and back to do their business. See you there."

Alun Jones, Truro BID manager, said: “We hope that extending the temporary Covid-related road closures will give both residents and visitor’s reassurance to come and enjoy Truro’s shops, eateries and attractions both now and in the coming months.

"In addition to our weekly contribution, the road closures on late night shopping Wednesdays and Saturdays in the run up to Christmas will be funded by Truro BID to give people space to shop, eat and drink this festive season.

"We encourage all businesses to continue to keep welcoming all customers and show that in Truro we are still creating the best environment that we can for people to shop.”

Taren Lee Corin, events co-ordinator for Truro City Council, said: “This year we have had to really think about the Christmas offer in Truro and with the road closures in place it will give us the ability to be as flexible as possible. We are finalising the details and can’t wait to announce them late on this month”.