Villagers in Flushing have shown their gratitude to two local organisations that have gone above and beyond during the coronavirus pandemic.

Money was presented to Trescobeas Surgery, which also covers Mylor Surgery dispensary and Flushing Surgery, and the Royal Mail delivery office in Falmouth, in recognition of the work carried out by all staff during lockdown.

They shared £740 that was raised by donations from customers to Flushing Village Stores.

Pete Skinner, owner of the stores with his wife Sandy, said the idea was to recognise the work of the NHS through the local surgery, adding of the postmen and women: "They have been lifesavers for a lot of the village.

"They've been delivering food and goods from the shop, especially Gary the local postman and his team.

"I just think people should show their appreciation."

Falmouth Packet:

Gary Martin, Buddie Mercedes, Andrew Blight and Chris Earl from Falmouth Royal Mail delivery office with Sandy and Pete Skinner. Picture: Colin Higgs

Andrew Blight, delivery office manager at Falmouth, said that the team had been pleased to support people during the peak of the pandemic.

He said: "This included several postmen who in their own time on a daily basis were knocking on the doors of the elderly and at risk and checking on their wellbeing and seeing if they needed anything.

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"The postman would then go to the stores and deliver shopping, medicine and urgent items for them. They did this for several months throughout the crisis.

"One postman, especially Gary Martin, who does the Flushing delivery, did this every day for months on end."

He added that the team had also voluntarily delivered leaflets on several occasions to all residents in the Mylor and Flushing area for the local council when their own volunteers were unable to get out.

Falmouth Packet:

Local residents applaud as Flushing Store owners Sandy and Pete Skinner, present a combined £740 to Falmouth Post Delivery Office and Trescobeas Surgery. Photo: Colin Higgs

The leaflets contained urgent information about Covid-19 and how to get help, which would not have been delivered otherwise.

Mr Blight added: "I am also pleased to announce that for the above and our terrific results achieved by the team we have recently been awarded the CEO Award for the best large delivery office, which involved over 600 other offices."

Sue Uglow, practice manager at Trescobeas Surgery, said the money would go towards internal repairs needed at the main Falmouth site.

She added: "I think it's really tremendous that the local community has got behind the practice. It means a lot to both the staff and the GPs, to have that local support."