The importance of a working smoke alarm was highlighted last night as fire crews said without one the incident would be "without doubt a body recovery."

This photo shows a caravan destroyed by flames last night as it was parked in Newquay.

The image has been shared by Newquay Fire Station as a reminder not to forget taking a working smoke detector with you when travelling by caravan.

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A station spokesperson said: "Newquay on-call last night attended a caravan fire and thankfully there was a smoke detector that woke the sleeping occupants at the earliest indication of smoke within the caravan/RV.

"The alarm activated and did its job; without it this would be without doubt a body recovery.

"Please check your smoke detector and always pack one when travelling, especially in a caravan - you don’t get much time to act!"

Falmouth Packet:

Damage was also caused to a nearby caravan. Photo: Newquay Fire Station

The station team also pointed out the damage caused to the large van next to the caravan, adding: "This reminds us of the importance of distancing between vans."

Anyone needing more information can contact Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service for advice, or check the caravans and camping fire safety section of its website.