A woman is cycling from Oxfordshire to Falmouth and back to see her daughter.

Cathy Hattam, from Oxfordshire, is planning to do the epic 600-mile bike ride in six days.

She said: "I've been cycling everywhere over the past few months and it's made me feel empowered and free to not have to use my car.

"During lockdown I noticed how clear the air became, the wildlife began to thrive and the noise pollution decreased. I found this inspiring and felt I didn’t want to start using my car again unless absolutely necessary.

"I started by cycling 6 miles around the block...and then to the recording studio which is a 20 mile round trip. From there I started cycling wherever I need to go and am now at the point where I can do 120 miles in a day.

"I'd love to visit my daughter at university so I'm going to cycle down to visit in Falmouth which is a 600-mile round trip, as I'll be following the smallest roads and bridleways to avoid the traffic which will add extra miles to the journey."

"I would love people to join me on the way and I'll be adding a tracker app to my social networks so that you can join me at any point along the journey."

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Lockdown has meant that Cathy's photography work came to a standstill. She has however, been able to write and record music.

Since lockdown she has completed two music albums and has now set up a GoFundMe page to secure help with the next ones.

She said: “I’m now working on the third and fourth albums and any sponsorship would be so much appreciated.

"I know that most of us are in the same boat at the moment and finances are weighing down on our minds and hearts and affecting us daily - as well as worries of future financial uncertainties - but I felt I'd give it a go with GoFundMe in a hope that people might like to donate, even a £1 if they feel they'd like to sponsor my music and bike journey."

She is also offering an opportunity for people to win her debut albums.

"Anyone who spots me on my journey and sends a photograph or video of me to my email address; cathyhattamphoto@outlook.com will be entered in my giveaway competition.

"Their names will be drawn from a hat and the winner will receive a signed copy of both my debut albums released in October and videos and photos will also be in my YouTube video update."

Cathy is leaving North Oxfordshire at 4:00am on Thursday, September 24 and hopes to arrive in Falmouth at lunchtime on Sunday, September 27.

She will then return from Falmouth departing at 1pm on Monday, September 28 arriving home on Friday, October 2.

The scenic route will include the Cotswolds, Chew Valley, Mendip Hills, and Roseland Heritage Coasts. The return will take in the Jurassic Coast via Bournemouth, The New Forest, and North Wessex Downs.