Falmouth mayor Steve Eva opened the newly refurbished changing rooms at Falmouth Rugby Club ahead of the first competitive action at the club since March 7.

The work, which was done on a tight budget and using players and staff, has seen new dividers on the seating, freshly painted walls and floor, and a TV with match highlights and a fridge installed.

Club captain Tom Spiller said: “The idea with the changing rooms was to create a more professional atmosphere for the boys, something that they're a little bit more proud of.

"Somewhere where you can come and think this is professional environment and somewhere I want to be. I think me, Cameron Bullock, Graham Whitmore and everyone else have done a great job and I think it looks the part."

This is just the first phase with the second team next on the list.

The tournament saw teams from across first and second teams and colts play a knockout competition of touch rugby, held under the RFU’s Ready for Rugby guidelines.

Director of rugby Graham Whitmore said: “It was terrific. The competitive spirit among the boys was back with full abundance. It was played in great spirit and the afternoon was a great success.”