Cancer Support UK is inviting people in Cornwall who’ve finished cancer treatment to sign up to its new telephone support service.

'Cancer Coach' runs weekly for six weeks and is a support group via telephone. The service is free of charge and allows participants to take part in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Developed by a range of experts, the groups offer much needed encouragement and emotional support, which is fundamental to recovery. Groups are run by trained facilitators who all have experience of coaching, facilitating or counselling and many of them have also experienced cancer themselves.

Anna James, who manages the service and who brings experience of being a cancer patient herself, said: “Throughout the group, participants talk to others who know what they're going through. It’s these connections - with other people who can relate - that are vital and can even turn into long-lasting friendships."

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Helen, 53, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in March 2019. After six rounds of chemotherapy, she was given the all-clear and told that she’d entered remission. After her treatment, Helen took part in a 'Cancer Coach' telephone group, which, she says, significantly improved her emotional outlook.

Helen said: “I did try to make out that everything was fine, but really it wasn’t. I was so anxious.

“I couldn’t sleep. I felt like I was waiting for the cancer to come back every day. I felt lonely, because people didn’t understand.”

Reflecting on finding out about the 'Cancer Coach' service, Helen said: “At first I was a bit apprehensive, but I decided to go for it. There were six other people in the group, from all over the country.

"We’d all had different cancers. It was easy. It really helped me, and I really hope it’ll help others too.”

Gemma Holding, chief executive of Cancer Support UK said: “People who finish cancer treatment face a ‘new normal’ which can be scary and filled with tough emotions. Emotional support is vital. Talking to other people who can empathise, who have faced similar challenges, can make all the difference.

“We give huge thanks to Helen for telling her story and helping us reach more people with our Cancer Coach programme. If you’re struggling with life after cancer treatment, know that we’re here for you, now and into the future. If you're in Cornwall and you need support adjusting to your new normal, consider participating in Cancer Coach.”

The service is confidential, and the calls take you through strategies that aim to give you the tools, support and coping mechanisms that can help with your recovery.

It is for anyone over the age of 18 who has completed treatment for cancer, regardless of whether they finished treatment a few months ago or a few years ago. To participate visit