'Drink and drugs in park' claims mother

YOUTHS annoying children playing in a Falmouth park, shouting abuse and making a nuisance of themselves, are under the influence of drink and drugs, a concerned parent claimed this week.

Used syringes and other items associated with drugs have been found in Kimberley Park, said the mother.

Youths under the influence of drink or drugs have also been hanging around the public toilets in the park, she said.

Police constable Tony Hancock confirmed that he was investigating various allegations.

The park did attract drunks and there were reports of syringes being found in the public toilets, he said. But he was quick to play down the matter. "I have not found any syringes," he said. "I don't know whether it is true."

He said matters could often get blown out of proportion although there was a problem in the park and he and his colleagues were doing their best to deal with it.

Ms Carmen Lorincz, 31, said her seven-year-old son, Joshua, had experience drunks in the park when playing with his friend, Robert Coleman, who lives with his mum, Phillipa, in nearby Park Lane.

Mrs Lorincz has called fort he demolition of the shelter which, she says, has been used by youths taking drugs. She claims needles and syringes have been found in the park.

The toilets, she said, should also be demolished and rebuilt in a more open area.

Pirate fights to keep late night licence

FALMOUTH'S Pirate Inn was this week hoping to keep its late night entertainment licence despite objections from the owners of neighbouring flats.

The licence expired on July 29 and the pub's landlord Dave Trevena has now applied to Carrick for its renewal.

The application was due to be heard and considered by the district council's licensing sub-committee on Tuesday evening.

The pub, in Grove Place, has become well known for its live bands which it hosts seven nights a week.

At present the pub is permitted to open from 7pm until midnight, Monday to Thursday, until 1am on Friday and Saturday and until 10.30pm on Sunday.

Mr Trevena has applied for the same hours and no objections have been received from the police.

An objection has been received, however, from the new owners of the neighbouring Quayside Flats.

They claim the tenant of the only flat occupied at present, cannot sleep at night because of noise from the Pirate.

Another letter of complaint has come from the owner of a block of five flats at Grove Place, who objects to the noise, bad language and litter created by people congregating in the street after closing time.

In a letter to Carrick, Mr Trevena states St Austell Brewery has agreed to take action to minimise the noise disturbance to neighbours.