Hot on the heels of being last week’s star baker Cornwall contestant Marc Elliott from St Eval had a lot to prove.

This week was chocolate week, but would there be a sweet ending for Marc?

The signature challenge sounded almost deceptively simple: bake a batch of chocolate brownies.

Beloved by school fetes and work bake sales alike, there can be few amateur bakers that don’t have a favourite brownie recipe. What could go wrong?

It seems almost everything. Whether too dry or too runny, the judges couldn’t find a single brownie between them that they liked.

Marc chose a praline buttercream brownie with macadamia nuts.

They were far from the messiest, but after a series of disappointments Paul was not mincing his words: “They don’t look good at all.

“The flavour is quite good, but it does look a mess.”

To add further insult, Prue declared them to be “quite dry.”

An abashed Marc muttered: “I know, I’m ashamed.”

With all the bakers facing a sticky end, spirits were low going into the technical challenge.

For them to then be told: you’re making chocolate babka.

Make it, roll it, cut it, twist it, bake it – with more moves than the Cha-Cha Slide, this enriched sweet bread had plenty of the bakers in spin.

It did, however give rise (see what we did there) for Marc to enjoy some wordplay of his own: “What have you got to prove? Everything to Paul Hollywood.”

With a “good size” to his loaf but a “bit dry”, Marc was placed two thirds of the way down the pack in sixth place.

A lot was riding on the showstopper challenge, a white chocolate celebration cake.

Marc decided to make a tribute to his daughters, Rosie and Jasmine, with their namesake flowers decorating it.

“I think it’s a great looking cake,” said Paul. “The sponge is a little dense, but I like the flavour of it.”

Once again it was Mark’s week to be star baker – but spelling is everything and this time it was Mark with a K that stole Marc with a C’s baking crown.

But will everything crumble in pastry week next week?