Builders and other tradespeople are rallying together in Helston for a community ‘DIY SOS’ project for a couple who have recently suffered a severe health issue.

Melinda King, manager of the Fishermen’s Mission charity shop in Helston, and Pete Slinn, manager of Bradfords Building Supplies in the town, are leading the project to help the couple convert parts of their house to become more accessible following the change of circumstances.

Writing a call to action on social media, Pete Slinn said he was amazed and humbled by he response from the community.

He said: “I’m feeling truly humbled.

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“I am currently arranging, with the lovely Melinda King, a local DIY SOS for a couple that have suffered a severe health issue and need assistance.

“Without going into details we need to convert a toilet and bathroom into a wet room.

“The response has been amazing.”

He went on to thank local tradesmen Mark Wherry, Robert Hodge, Matt Williams, Barry Williams, Cable Ollerton, Philip Woodcock and Ben Farrington who had all pledged their support, along with his own team at Bradfords.

The second part of the conversion which involve creating wheelchair access - and it is here that they hope the community will get behind the couple, who want to remain private.

Helstonbury has offered to help with a grant from its annual charity fundraising pot, with an anonymous businessman giving £1,000.

However, more fundraising will be needed.

Anyone who can help is asked to email, with further details to come of how donations can be made.

Mel said: “Helston Community DIY SOS, we can do this!

“Please message if you think you may be able to assist in any way, fundraising or labour.”