Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ruled out a national lockdown for now, saying: "It makes no sense to lock down Cornwall."

Mr Johnson used the county as an example of while the three-tier system was the right approach, pointing to the difference in case figures in different regions.

He said: "When there's such a big difference infection rate across different parts of the UK it doesn't make sense to lock down Cornwall or north Norfolk; to close businesses down there that have worked very hard to make themselves Covid-secure [in order] to drive down transmission in parts of the north west."

He was speaking at today's press conference updating the national situation as Lancashire gets put in the highest alert tier.

Falmouth Packet:

The estimated percentage of people testing positive for Covid-19 in England since May

This also heard from the government's chief scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance, who said Office for National Statistics data showed that around 336,000 people had coronavirus across the UK in the last two weeks.

A 'heat graph' showed that in the south west there had been a gradual rise in cases in the 16 to 29 age group, although other areas still remained low.

However, a map showing the rate of change in different counties indicated that while Cornwall had been one of only two places in the UK to be coloured green in Monday's press conference - representing a rate change of between -1 and -21 per 100,000 people - this had now risen to a rate of between 1 and 20 per 100,000 and was now beige like many other parts of the country.

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A map showing the rate of cases indicates Cornwall is now longer green

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The map on Monday

Mr Johnson also spoke about his plans for instant testing to be developed, which would handed out to the NHS and care homes in the first instance to allow testing of staff more frequently.

He added it would allow testing of university students and in schools, to keep educating running through the winter, as well as made available to local authorities in case of localised outbreaks.

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Patients in hospital by region - with the south west cases needing hospitalisation still low

But he stressed it would take time to develop this plan, adding: "We need to take the time to establish how to do this effectively and safely."

This was why he said it was "crucial" that anyone testing positive for coronavirus stayed at home, along with anyone who they had come into contact with. Mr Johnson said in addition to wearing face coverings, washing hands and giving people space, good ventilation when indoors was also important.