Design work from a Mylor Bridge resident has been featured across the Atlantic on US television.

The local TV news station in Georgia, Good Day Atlanta, showcased the work of designer and photographer Terri Waters in a report on a vineyard producing award-winning wines and jams, writes Jane Leigh.

Normally Terri sells items such as gift cards, coasters and calendars featuring her work from a stall outside her house in Bells Hill.

But for the last six years she has also been working with Ott Farms and Vineyard in Georgia, collaborating with American artist Jan Kornegay Dappen who produced the original artwork based on mountain scenery around the farm.

Now the vineyard’s bottles and jars all feature Terri’s logo, while business owners Mike Ott and Lee Delk have also used the design on a range of t-shirts, caps, bags and mugs.

Falmouth Packet:

Terri's work at Ott Farms & Vineyard

Terri said: “I got to know Jan years ago when we both met via the Fine Art America website, where she sells artwork and I sell photos.

"We hit it off immediately and now, when she’s looking for a designer to work with, she always asks if I can help.

"The Ott Farms work came in around six years ago and I used one of her paintings as the basis for the logo, with my own design on top of it.

"It’s strange to see my work appearing on Fox 5 Atlanta News, but great to get some publicity in the United States.”

Terri’s currently working closer to home, on a range of Christmas cards bearing local signposts with appropriate decoration.

See her range of images at or look out for her stall on Bells Hill in Mylor Bridge.