A nursery in Helston has been given almost £23,000 to support vulnerable families in Helston through the holidays.

The Lizard CHILD Trust has been given national National Lottery funding in the form of £22,918.

This year the charity marked its 21st birthday from when it began supporting the children and families of the Helston and Lizard area all year round, including through a nursery within the grounds of St Michael's School that has stayed open throughout the lockdown period.

Despite the recent challenges, manager Sarah Arthur and her team often above and beyond the remit of their roles to support families in need, working closely with local government staff, professionals and charities to secure aid and resources for the children in their care.

With this in mind, the charity applied for National Lottery funds to support children of vulnerable families during holiday periods over the coming academic year.

Judith Bristow, a spokesperson of the Lizard CHILD Trust, said: "The funds will go a long way to uphold and sustain the services that the Trust provides, and help the families of our local community.

"This successful application closely follows another grant from Helston Town Council for outdoor clothing for children and staff."

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Judith attended the October meeting of the town council to thank members for their grant of £710 the previous month, saying it was gratefully received and the staff were looking forward to putting the funds to good use.

The money will be spent on buying new waterproofs for the children and staff as, due to parents not being allowed onto the school grounds because of infection control, the team has to go out in all weathers to receive children from their parents. The nursery also has use of the primary school’s onsite wooded area, plus an all-weather garden.

She added: "The Trust continues to seek ways to support attendant children and families past, present and future, and welcomes partnerships with local agencies so that it can continue to make a positive difference to the wellbeing and future of Helston town.

"For more information and enquiries please contact the Lizard CHILD Trust on 01326 573338 or email enquiries@lizardchildtrust.co.uk"