People living close to a Truro park have called for the city council to take action after claiming that screaming and swearing teenagers had left them unable to enjoy their gardens.

Neighbours of the play area at Tremorvah Playing Field said that a “thrill ride” that has been installed at the park was causing problems and leading to young people gathering.

At a meeting of Truro City Council on Monday local resident Paul Caruana asked for help to resolve the problem.

Mr Caruana told councillors: “The ride is causing all the screaming and shouting. Sometimes it is after 11.30pm at night.”

The new equipment was installed at the park after The Friends of Tremorvah Playing Field formed to raise funds for the park.

They said that there was a lack of facilities in the recreational space and so created the group and started consultation with those who use the field.

Various consultation events took place in 2018 when the plans were being put together.

However Mr Caruana claimed that he and other nearby residents had not been consulted about the plans.

The equipment was installed in the summer and the park was opened in early September.

It was then that the town council started to get complaints from people living nearby, and there were concerns that the equipment was being misused and someone could be injured.

City council parks manager Richard Budge met with residents and as a result agreed to monitor the noise levels at the playing field.

In a report to the city council Mr Budge said that he was also sent recordings from a resident “which were deemed by me to be acceptable noise levels, apart from some obscene language by youngsters on one recording”.

Recordings from a weekend at the start of October were “noisy and include foul language”.

In his report Mr Budge said: “This area is being used by teenagers as a meeting point because it is a new attraction and, apart from making noise and showing off to each other, there are no real anti-social behaviours taking place.

“There has been no evidence of drinking, drug taking or violence just teenagers meeting up and hanging out together. The situation will improve as the dark evenings draw in and the weather gets colder and wetter, but it may return as the season changes next year.”

Mr Caruana said that the noise had reduced in recent weeks but said that there were concerns about it returning next year.

He said: “We live only five metres from the extended play area, we wouldn’t have objected if it was just playing.

“The thrill ride has attracted so much disturbance and noise and bad language.”

He added: “We can no longer enjoy our garden.”

Truro Mayor Bert Biscoe said that the council wanted to work with residents to address the problems.

He said: “We want the park to be a place that everybody can enjoy and live around it.”

The council has agreed to continue to monitor the situation at the park and will consider what actions might need to be taken including the possibility of relocating the equipment or to enable the park to be locked at night.

Cllr Biscoe later said that there were wider issues in Truro around young people and antisocial behaviour, which he believed was due to the restrictions relating to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cllr Biscoe said he hoped that young people’s groups would work with Mr Budge to try and resolve some of the issues.

He also told the council that a community safety officer was working to address some of the anti-social behaviour problems and said that there was “a lot of positive effort” being made to improve the situation.