A HOTEL in Cornwall is up for a national award after staff entered in secret.

Owner and managing director of the Budock Vean, Martin Barlow, has been shortlisted for the 2020 Boutique Hotelier awards, in the category of 'Innovator, Unsung Hero and Leadership in Adversity'.

The category recognises people who have found new ways of working together, putting team wellness first and staying motivated during the tough past year.

Martin, the only finalist this side of Bristol, was completely oblivious to the nomination, which was done in secret by members of his team.

Sarah Ferrie, events manager at the hotel, said: "We knew that Martin’s modesty wouldn’t even allow us to entertain the idea of entering him for an award had we asked, so we risked it and ploughed on in secret!

"Martin’s leadership during this terrible year really has been incredible. He’s inclusive, genuinely putting people and place at the heart of all decision making, he listens and cares."

Falmouth Packet:

Budock Vean owner Martin Barlow

Under Martin’s leadership, Budock Vean, just past Mawnan Smith, has steered its way through the tumultuous year making sure the team - which ranges from some who have been with the hotel for more than 40 years to others who are new and training - all had the support and Covid training they needed.

There has been investment in digital and IT, kit to support staff do their jobs and also in services to support all staff with their mental health and wellbeing, alongside everything else needed to make Budock Vean Covid-secure.

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Martin said: "The customer feedback has been quite overwhelming actually and we’ve had some guests coming down for several mini breaks since we re-opened, just to take a breather from it all and enjoy what we have to offer.

"Although I would never have entered myself for an award, I am very flattered and really do consider this to be a reflection of the entire team’s work.

"I’m very glad we’re in there representing Cornwall and I know our whole sector has worked really hard to keep places going and keep people employed; everyone’s done such a brilliant job."

News of the shortlisting comes on a day where the team are preparing for the second lockdown and closing the hotel after lunchtime today (Wednesday).

"We’re very sorry to be closing the doors again for a little while," added Martin.

"The success of our re-opening, the customer feedback we’ve had and this award nomination are all a direct reflection of the efforts the whole team have put into making Budock Vean work in this new world.

"As we lockdown again our thoughts go out to everyone; all the businesses, families, communities and frontline workers – let’s all look forward to the day this is behind us."