Mother in new bid to open sex shop

A FALMOUTH mother of three who tried to open a sex shop in the town last year is to try again.

Tracie Truscott, 27, a former barmaid, says she does not wish to open a “sleazy shop with bad taste” but a “novelty shop” selling underwear, evening wear and other goods as well as issuing mail order catalogues to allow “a more personal service to customers”.

She agreed there would be a few soft porn magazines “on the top shelf” like many newsagents would sell but no more than that.

“I will not be hiring out any adult toys of any kind and I will not be exchanging any items whatsoever,” added Mrs Truscott, who lives in Tresawle Road.

“I will not even consider lending out any items and will not be displaying any in the shop.”

Mrs Truscott, a divorcee, who for a short time opened a shop in the Drill Hall, Falmouth, but was forced to close when Carrick council ruled no such shop should be allowed, said she quite agreed with many of the rules the authority had since drawn up to control such shops.

But she felt she could offer a service to customers and said there was a definite need.

“I would like to offer a personal mail order service with soft-porn video (no X-rated videos or hard-core porn), wigs, shoes and underwear. There is a need for one of these shops. Not by the older generation, but by those people – couples, singles – who are interested in safe sex,” she said.

If permitted, her shop would be called Just for Fun.

Maud, 101, to switch on lights

PENRYN’s oldest resident is 101 tomorrow and has agreed to switch on the Christmas lights of the town on December 2.

“I would love to come and switch them on,” Mrs Maud Flack told lighting committee chairman John Ashwin this week.

She also looked forward to refreshments although hoped there would be “a drop of something” extra in her tea.

Mrs Flack is one of the best-loved people in the town and when celebrating her centenary last year went to the Famous Barrel pub with family and friends and had an evening to remember.

It was a busy year of remembering for Mrs Flack who also took part in the VE Day celebrations.

Mrs Flack moved to Penryn from Enfield in 1969 and soon fell in love with the town.

She is close to her family although they are spread around the country and has three grandsons and one granddaughter with whom she keeps in touch.

Mr Ashwin said there was no better person that the town’s oldest citizen to switch on the Christmas lights and have a good time.

“She is a wonderful lady,” he said.