A CHRISTIAN charity is launching a "No Child Without" project to ensure that no child in Falmouth and the surrounding area goes without: a warm winter coat, access to fresh, nutritional food and celebrations this Christmas.

Love Falmouth says on average, three children from every primary school class will be deprived of basics such as warm winter clothing, fresh food and celebrations over the Christmas holidays.

It says these statistics are from a report published in 2018 and the more recent challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have only exacerbated the problem. Jennifer Land, operations manager at Love Falmouth, said: "Access to warm winter clothing, fresh food and Christmas celebrations is essential to the health and wellbeing of children and parents alike, and a lack thereof can be detrimental to children's health, growth and happiness. This is why we are launching 'No Child Without' project."

The group is setting up a Winter Coat Pop-up 'shop' where children can come and select a new/good quality second hand coat for free. Shop invitations are already on their way to local primary schools.

"From the initial invitation right through to the shopping experience and the quality of the items received, we will ensure that this is an empowering and affirming experience for families," said Jennifer.

They will also be creating fresh food hampers which will be delivered to families close to Christmas and will include Christmas dinner 'essentials'. They will also include a voucher to allow the families to purchase their own meat/alternatives, with simple, accessible recipe suggestions.

They are also creating "Christmas Holiday Activity Boxes" which will promote quality family time and will include Christmas celebration activities such as Christmas tree making, baking, games, crafts, new year celebrations and presents to be unwrapped on Christmas Day.

Love Falmouth is a Christian charity with the vision to enable communities and individuals in Falmouth to thrive. They say there mission is to enable people from different socio-demographic groups to become spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically whole.

You can donate to the project by going to totalgiving.co.uk/appeal/nochildwithout