POLICE used CCTV and mobile phone signals to track the movements of the two men accused of murdering 25-year-old Falmouth man Aaron Pill, Truro Crown Court has heard.

Kane Coggin, aged 27, of Meadowbank, Mylor Bridge and Liam Bastow, aged 24, of Avalon Close, Mylor Bridge, are currently on trial for murder, following Mr Pill's death on May 4 this year. They have both admitted manslaughter but denied murder.


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Adam Feest QC, prosecuting, showed the jury with maps, mobile phone mast information and CCTV how the police had tracked the pair's movements.

On the evening of the killing, at 9.39 pm, Coggin’s mother's car, a silver Golf, was caught on CCTV travelling to Falmouth.

CCTV then caught the silver car turning in the area of Old Hill, Esperanza Court at 9.45pm and two figures were seen walking away from the drop off point in the direction of Tresawle Road.

The next time they are seen the two figures turn right into Old Hill minutes from the drop off.

They go out of shot then at 9.55pm and are then seen arriving at Tresawle Road. They were then seen coming away from the address following the attack that was also recorded on CCTV in Mr Pill's home.

At 9.58pm Bastow called his mother and there was an exchange between him and her arranging a lift.

At quarter past ten the silver car that had taken them is shown leaving Mylor Bridge to come back to Falmouth.

“These telephone conversations might have been arranging that lift. They were picked up at 22.10," said Mr Feest.

The silver car then came back on a different route to Mylor Bridge and was back at 20 past ten. At the same time Mr Bastow called his girlfriend. He was dropped off but Coggin and his mother returned to Falmouth, returning to the same area of Falmouth.

"A figure then gets out of the car and heads towards a dog waste bin," said Mr Feest. "The car drove around the block came back to pick them up.

"He [Coggin] had gone back to pick up the clothing from the dog waste bin [which he had dumped there after the attack]. He was driven by his mother to pick up clothing then leaving. The clothing has never been found."

The silver car then returns to Mylor Bridge just after 10.30pm.

Police arrested Liam Bastow at his house on May 6 on suspicion of murder. When he was arrested he said: ‘No, I haven’t done that.”

Kane Coggin was arrested on Thursday at 4pm. When arrested and informed of the reason he said: "Yeah, I kind of get it."

The trial continues.