One of the men accused of murdering Aaron Pill to death over a drug debt was then said to have lied again and again to police about his involvement in the attack, a court has heard. 

Liam Bastow and Kane Coggin from Mylor Bridge are both charged with murdering Falmouth man Mr Pill on May 4 this year.

Coggin, aged 27, of Meadowbank, Mylor Bridge and Bastow, aged 24, of Avalon Close, Mylor Bridge have admitted manslaughter but deny murder.

In a series of three separate interviews with the police, Coggin went from telling his interrogators he was "100 million per cent telling the truth", to "one million per cent telling the truth", to "100 per cent telling the truth."

Even when he was presented with video evidence of the attack he did not admit that he was even there, saying to the police "no comment."

Mr Adam Keast QC, prosecuting, told the court that following his arrest Coggin, was taken to Camborne police station. When he was asked to give his fingerprints he said: "I have nothing to hide."

In his first interview Coggin said he was 100 million per cent sure he had never assaulted Mr Pill and did not own a knife.

He said he knew nothing about two knives found in a post box but said his father had a collection of knives.

He told the police he had never left his mother’s house in Mylor Bridge on the day of the killing and had been watching a film on Netflix, using his brother’s mobile phone to message his girlfriend. He later accepted this was untrue.

In his second police interview he admitted he had been to Falmouth with Bastow "perhaps to buy cannabis". He told police he had gone to Aaron’s house, waited outside for ten minutes while Bastow went in to pick up the drugs.

He claimed Bastow had come out of the house and he had called his mother to come and pick him up. He said he was now telling the truth and had nothing to do with the murder.

“He repeated to police he had not had a knife, one million per cent he had no knife,” said Mr Feest. “‘I am not a violent person,’ he said. He said he would not be able to use one even if carrying one.

“He said he did recognise the knife used in the attack as coming from his father’s collection.

“He said he was telling the ‘100 per cent the truth right now'.”

When he was shown CCTV footage of the attack from Aaron Pill’s CCTV during his third and final interview he answered "No comment" to all subsequent questions.

The trial continues.