A SOBBING Liam Bastow told police he did not know Aaron Pill had been stabbed otherwise he would have stayed and helped him.

The video of Bastow being interviewed by police was shown on the third and fourth day of the prosecution case in the murder trial taking place at Truro Crown Court this week.

Liam Bastow and Kane Coggin from Mylor Bridge are both charged with murdering Falmouth man Mr Pill on May 4 this year.

Coggin, aged 27, of Meadowbank, Mylor Bridge and Bastow, aged 24, of Avalon Close, Mylor Bridge have admitted manslaughter but deny murder.

During his formal interview Bastow told the police that he wanted to tell them everything. Constantly sobbing, Bastow said he did not know Aaron Pill had been stabbed, had he known he would have called an ambulance and waited for it.

“If I’d of seen the knife I would have rugby tackled him [Coggin] and taken it off him. I did not see a knife,” he said.

He was played CCTV of the attack in which Mr Pill could clearly be heard saying “What the f**k are you doing?” He denied hearing himself saying “Shut the door”. Mr Pill was then heard to cry “You’ve stabbed me. You have just f**king stabbed me.”

“No way I’d risk my life or my daughter over a packet of weed it wouldn’t have happened,” Bastow told police.

“I promise you that if I had heard that I would have helped him. There is no chance in hell I would have run off, no bloody way. I would have stayed and helped him. Nobody deserves that.”

He said the plan was to knock on door push him, take his weed and run off. It was a plan Kane Coggin had suggested, he said.

He said Coggin pushed Aaron Pill, who was only 5ft 4ins tall and weighed ten stone, in a ‘little scrap’. He then grabbed both of them and pulled them down and went upstairs. He said as he went upstairs he thought to himself ‘What the f**k am I even doing here?”.

When he came downstairs he said he saw Mr Coggin on top of Anthony Pill. He said he didn’t know Mr Pill had been stabbed.

He said the most physical contact was a ‘pansy’ punch. He punched him on his shoulder.

He told the police people had ‘No business carrying knives.’ “He doesn’t deserve that," he said. "We had a little row but no way he deserved it you’re the one who did it [Coggin] not me,” he said.

He said “I don’t carry a knife, people get hurt when you carry a knife."

He said he’d not threatened Mr Pill in any way. He initially denied he said would stab Mr Pill during an earlier conversation, but if he had it would have been to scare him off from coming to his house.

He accepted that he’d said that he had said something like ‘If anyone came round to his house he would pull a knife on them and stab them’. He said he would not actually have done it, it was an empty threat.

He did not know Coggin had a knife and had not seen a knife in his possession that night. He said he did not have a knife himself.

The trial continues.