The man accused of murdering Falmouth man Aaron Pill told police he was over £10,000 in debt due to buying cannabis and his girlfriend's cocaine habit, a court has heard.

Kane Coggin also claimed he'd been kidnapped by drug dealers in December and that he had never met Mr Pill and did not know him, a jury at Truro Crown Court has heard.

Coggin and Liam Bastow from Mylor Bridge are both charged with murdering Mr Pill at his Tresawle Road home on May 4 this year.

Coggin, aged 27, of Meadowbank, Mylor Bridge and Bastow, aged 24, of Avalon Close, Mylor Bridge have admitted manslaughter but deny murder.

In police interviews played to the jury yesterday (November 19) Coggin said he didn't own any knives himself but his deceased father had left a collection of weapons at his house.

These included Samurai swords, spears, throwing knives, Game of Throne type swords, throwing axes and blow darts as well as numerous other knives.

He told police they all belonged to his deceased father who was a hoarder. He told the police during his interview that he was £10,000 in debt due to buying cannabis and having to fund his girlfriend's cocaine habit.

Earlier forensic scientist Elizabeth Simpson told the court that blood found on a silver knife discovered in a post box near Mr Pill's home address belonged to the victim.

"We found some blood on the tip of the knife," she said. "Underside on the serrated part of the knife there was blood in the grooves."

She said she took blood samples from the areas of blood staining on the 10.9 cm blade and the DNA sample had matched Aaron Pill. She said it was: "a million times more likely that the blood originated from Aaron Pill rather than anyone else."

A black lock knife also found in a post box on Old Hill also had DNA on the handle found with a microscope. "It was 65 million times more likely to come from Aaron Pill rather than someone unrelated to Aaron Pill," said Mrs Simpson.

The trial continues.