The prosecution has closed its case against the two men accused of the murder of 24-year-old Aaron Pill following a week of evidence.

Liam Bastow and Kane Coggin from Mylor Bridge are both charged with murdering Falmouth man Mr Pill on May 4 this year.

Coggin, aged 27, of Meadowbank and Bastow, aged 24, of Avalon Close have admitted manslaughter but deny murder.

The defence case for the two men will start on Monday morning.

On the final day of the prosecution evidence, the jury was shown the CCTV footage of the attack on Mr Pill.

Recording from the doorbell video showed a man wearing a light baseball cap and a scarf over his face and nose approaching Mr Pill’s front door and knocking once.

When Mr Pill, who was only 5ft 4ins tall, answers the door he is immediately bundled inside by the two men, identified as Coggins and Bastow, and a struggle takes place.

Mr Pill is bundled into his lounge, clearly shown by the doorbell video which is now facing the lounge as the front door is now open, and pushed to the floor.

As Mr Pill is bundled out of the hall a knife is clearly visible in the right hand of the man later identified as Coggin.


Murder accused '£10k in debt from buying cannabis and funding girlfriend's cocaine habit'

Mr Pill is pushed into the corner of the lounge with Coggin on top of him and Bastow punching him several times over the top of Coggin from behind.

Mr Pill can be heard asking them what they are doing and then, as Coggin steps back, clearly with the knife still in his right hand, Pill can be heard to exclaim panicking.

“You’ve stabbed me, you’ve f**king stabbed me.”

Video from CCTV on the landing upstairs then shows a man in darker clothing with his hood up, later identified as Bastow, going up the stairs and looking in the bedrooms.

Mr Pill can still be heard, now screaming ‘You’ve stabbed me’ and Coggin replying ‘Nobody’s stabbed you, mate’.

Mr Pill appears to be to talking to somebody telling them he’s bleeding out and a female voice can be heard, probably on a phone, telling him to put pressure on the wound.

As Bastow comes back down the stairs he asks: "Have you stabbed him?’"

Bastow had claimed to police he had no idea that Mr Pill had been stabbed and if he had known he would of helped him.


Aaron Pill: 'If I'd known he had been stabbed I would have helped him'

Both men then leave the address and Mr Pill goes silent.

A police video of the house after the attack was then shown to jury. It showed cash still on the lounge table and jars of cannabis.

Upstairs all three bedrooms had Cannabis growing tents, but only one contained any cannabis in them, containing seven plants.

The trial continues.