The MP for Falmouth and Truro has revealed she is taking part in the Covid vaccine trial being led in Cornwall.

Cherilyn Mackrory is one of around 15,000 people across the country who have signed up to test the effectiveness of the vaccine being produced by US company Novavax - including at least 200 volunteers in Cornwall.

The main purpose of the study is to see if the vaccine continues to be safe for the general population, is effective in preventing symptoms of Covid-19 and more severe cases of the virus, and to see what different types of immune responses the study vaccine produces.


Phase three studies involve many thousands of people, giving researchers insights into the effects of a vaccine on a much larger population than phase one and two studies.

It will test effects on a broad range of people - including those from a variety of age groups and backgrounds.

Dr Duncan Browne, consultant endocrinologist at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, will lead the study for Cornwall, at the Knowledge Spa on the Treliske hospital site.

It is one of a number of Covid-19 vaccine studies due to open to patients in the south west over the coming months.

Cherilyn said: “I am very keen to do my bit in the fight against Covid-19 and this vaccine trial, which is being administered and monitored at RCH Treliske, is one way in which I can help.”

“I have now had my first dose of the vaccine and will need to go back for another one in three weeks time.

"Along with all of the other volunteers I will then be monitored over the next 12 months to see the effect.

“My thanks to all who are volunteering in this trial and to the excellent team at the Knowledge Spa at Trelsike who will be administering and monitoring it, for their smooth and efficient work when they saw me earlier today.”