One of the Falmouth and Penryn area's most popular beauty spots is closed this week.

Anyone planing to visit Kennall Vale Nature Reserve at Ponsanooth should hold off, as there is no access from today until Friday (November 27).

Nick Marriott, west Cornwall nature reserves manager, said the site is currently closed up until the weekend, because one of the neighbouring properties that shares the narrow entrance to the nature reserve has a large drilling rig in the front garden.

He said: "The rig is about two metres from the access path. It was felt it would be too dangerous to keep the site open.

"It's in our lease to close the site for at least 24 hours per year, so we do close the site from time to time."

It comes amid ongoing issues with parking in the area, as visitors leave their cars on the narrow road leading up to the reserve - despite signs warning against this, as it has caused access issues in the past for emergency services.


Residents in neighbouring estates have also complained about some vehicles parking in front of driveways and preventing them from entering and leaving their properties.

Mr Marriott acknowledged that the parking issue was "very frustrating" for residents.

Falmouth Packet:

Cars lining the road at Ponsanooth earlier this year. Photo: Cornwall Wildlife Trust

He said: "The site is busier than ever, despite Cornwall Wildlife Trust having had a blackout on advertising the site for years.

"We are working with St Gluvias Parish Council to try and resolve the parking issue and we have a joint project in the pipeline.

"In the short to middle term, we have considered closing the site at weekends, but the local parish council is not keen as Ponsanooth villagers would lose its only decent green space."