The cell mate of one of the defendants in the trial of Aaron Pill has tested positive for Covid 19.

Liam Bastow, 24, was taken back down to the cells after His Honour Judge Simon Carr  received an email during discussions about the case this morning.

The judge was discussing protocol with the defence and prosecution teams when the email was received.

Judge Carr adjourned the court for him to find out what the next step should be, and to arrange a test for Mr Bastow.


Liam Bastow is jointly charged with Kane Coggin of murdering Mr Pill at his home in Tresawle Road, Falmouth on May 4 this year.

Coggin, 27, of Meadowbank, Mylor Bridge and Liam Bastow, 24, of Avalon Close, Mylor Bridge have admitted manslaughter but deny murder. 

Both men have been sitting in the dock with high glass screens shielding them form the rest of the court but have not been wearing masks as has no one in the court, only in the outside area.

Each jury member sits separated by perspex screens but have also not been wearing masks.

It highly likely that Bastow's defence team have been interacting with him but it is not known under what conditions.

Government advice for anyone who has been in contact with someone with Covid is that they must immediately self-isolate for 14 days from the date of their last contact with the person who has tested positive for COVID-19.

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