Drivers in Helston are being warned to slow down now before it's too late.

The speed of motorists through various parts of the town will start being monitored shortly.

And once enough data has been collected, further enforcement will begin to start penalising drivers who continue to break the law.

Helston Town Council has been given permission by Cornwall Council to put up two temporary speed sensors.

The council will buy these outright, in order that they can be moved around to different parts of the town where residents have complained about the speed of traffic.

Trengrouse Way, Clodgey Lane, Meneage Road, Church Hill, Redruth Road and The Furry were all highlighted particular hotspots at the last meeting of councillors.

Town clerk Chris Dawson said the council had been given permission to mount signs on more than 20 different lampposts in the town, to give a true picture of the problem in different areas.

However, the town council's request to buy monitors powered through solar panels had been refused - meaning that a rechargeable battery would need to be changed four or five times a week.

Mr Dawson added that the signs being looked at by the council did not display the registration of the vehicle going past - such as the monitor currently in place at Rosudgeon - and just displayed the message 'Please slow down' or 'Thank you' if it was within the speed limit.

Falmouth Packet:

Some of the areas of Helston where speed has been highlighted as a problem

However, this could all change, as after a long debate from councillors it was agreed alternatives would be looked at that did display both the registration plate details and also, ideally, the speed.

It had previously been understood that these would have to be fixed permanently, and at much greater expense, meaning only one area would be targeted, missing out on data from other hotspots.

But councillor John Boase said that a search online showed portable versions may exist - and members gave the town clerk delegated authority to look at alternatives and place an order within a budget of up to £5,000.

Councillor Ronnie Williams said he had been told by another town that ones displaying registration numbers were "worth 20 of the conventional signs" and suggested one permanent one be placed at Trengrouse Way, saying: "It's the one place where a huge percentage of young people in this town cross the road.

"If you go out there now you take your life into your hands to get across."

However, it was pointed out by other councillors that while Mr Williams lived near there, and saw the problems, similar issues were taking place at other parts of the town.

In the end the council was unanimous in its decision that portable equipment should be bought in the near future, from the options available.