A CYCLING campaign group’s fight to attract younger members has resulted in it receiving a cash grant to set up its own website.

Falmouth’s Town Council’s Financial and General Purposes committee voted to grant £150 to the Falmouth and Penryn Cycling Campaign to create a dedicated website.

Dean Evans told councillors he had set up a Facebook group in August because he had become aware that the County Council and Cornwall Council were looking at emergency travel plans between Falmouth and Penryn.

“I felt that there was a need for a voice for cyclists and would be cyclists in the two towns to take part in the consultation on that,” he said we were invited along to join the meetings with Councillor Saunby and we progressed along that.

“Unfortunately the council didn't get the money to progress any further but, we were also involved with the discussions that will be taking place shortly over Bickland Water Road and we are assisting Sustrans in updating the active travel map for Falmouth and Penryn.”

He said the group currently had 140 members on Facebook but he said a lot of people didn’t use Facebook, especially the younger generation who he wanted to encourage to have a voice.

He said he wanted the £120 to set up a very basic website which would get them up and running and allow them to build membership.

He said after that they had the skills within the group to expand the website as the Falmouth Wheelers cycling club had offered to host the running of it for the first two years and maybe beyond.

Councillor Dave Saunby supported the application and said they should up the grant to £150.

“It's a shame they've had this setback regarding funding for the cycling from Penryn to Falmouth,” he said. “I feel very sorry for them and I thought, you know, 120 pounds is quite small. I’d like to up it to £150 pounds and get the website up and running.”

Councillors agreed to increase the grant to £150 towards the set up of the website plus the running costs.