A DATE has finally been confirmed for the return of competitive rugby to Cornwall.

Subject to national and local coronavirus restrictions, the county’s rugby teams will compete in a one-off competition from January to April to provide some form of competitive rugby after the standard national leagues were abandoned for the 2020/21 season.

No competitive adult rugby has been played in Cornwall since March 14.

The competition, named the CRFU Cluster League, is due to begin with the opening round of group games on Saturday, January 16, with the final round set for Saturday, April 17.

All competing clubs have been split into seven groups of five or six teams, with all teams playing each other twice for a total of eight or ten matches.

Groups one to five are contested by first teams – plus two second teams – and have been sorted on league performance, while groups six and seven will be contested by second teams and are sorted regionally.

The groups are as follows:

Group 1: Camborne, Launceston, Penryn, Redruth, St Austell, Wadebridge Camels.

Group 2: Bude, Falmouth, Pirates Ams, Saltash, Truro, Veor-Holman.

Group 3: Bodmin, Camborne SoM, Hayle, Liskeard-Looe, Newquay Hornets, St Agnes.

Group 4: Helston, Illogan Park, Lankelly-Fowey, Perranporth, Roseland, St Ives.

Group 5: Bodmin II, Camelford, Redruth Albany, Stithians, St Just, Veor-Holman II.

Group 6: Bude II, Launceston II, Liskeard-Looe II, Saltash II, St Austell II, Wadebridge Camels II.

Group 7: Camborne II, Falmouth II, Penryn II, Pirates Ams II, Truro II.

There are several blank dates in the liSt These are reserved/break Saturdays which will allow any matches affected by bad weather to be fitted in, as well as avoiding some of the Six Nations dates and Easter.

Current RFU and Government guidelines must be complied with at all times.

Clusters are to be played according to current RFU laws, but with the following dispensations to regulations which will apply across all clusters.

• Teams must be of at least ten players before a game may start. In the event of a shortfall in one team, the loaning of players is encouraged.

• Teams must have equal numbers at the start of the game.

• To maximise the numbers of players able to participate, each team may have a maximum of seven replacements with a maximum of 14 roll overs.

Group 1:

Round 1 - January 16

Penryn v Redruth

Wadebridge Camels v Camborne

St Austell v Launceston

Round 2 - January 23

Camborne v Redruth

St Austell v Penryn

Launceston v Wadebridge Camels

Round 3 - January 30

Penryn v Camborne

Redruth v Launceston

Wadebridge Camels v St Austell

Round 4 - February 13

St Austell v Redruth

Launceston v Camborne

Wadebridge Camels v Penryn

Round 5 - February 20

Penryn v Launceston

Camborne v St Austell

Redruth v Wadebridge Camels

Group 2:

Round 1 - January 16

Veor-Holman v Falmouth

Pirates Ams v Truro

Bude v Saltash

Round 2 - January 23

Truro v Falmouth

Bude v Veor-Holman

Saltash v Pirates Ams

Round 3 - January 30

Veor-Holman v Truro

Falmouth v Saltash

Pirates Ams v Bude

Round 4 - February 13

Bude v Falmouth

Saltash v Truro

Pirates Ams v Veor-Holman

Round 5 - February 20

Veor-Holman v Saltash

Truro v Bude

Falmouth v Pirates Ams

Group 3:

Round 1 - January 16

Bodmin v Liskeard-Looe

C.S.M v Hayle

St Agnes v Newquay Hornets

Round 2 - January 23

Hayle v Liskeard-Looe

St Agnes v Bodmin

Newquay Hornets v C.S.M.

Round 3 - January 30

Bodmin v Hayle

Liskeard-Looe v Newquay Hornets

C.S.M. v St Agnes

Round 4 - February 13

St Agnes v Liskeard-Looe

Newquay Hornets v Hayle

C.S.M. v Bodmin

Round 5 - February 20

Bodmin v Newquay Hornets

Hayle v St Agnes

Liskeard-Looe v C.S.M.

Group 4:

Round 1 - January 16

Perranporth v Lankelly-Fowey

St Ives v Illogan Park

Helston v Roseland

Round 2 - January 23

Illogan Park v Lankelly-Fowey

Helston v Perranporth

Roseland v St Ives

Round 3 - January 30

Perranporth v Illogan Park

Lankelly-Fowey v Roseland

St Ives v Helston

Round 4 - February 13

Helston – Lankelly-Fowey

Roseland v Illogan Park

St Ives v Perranporth

Round 5 - February 20

Perranporth v Roseland

Illogan Park v Helston

Lankelly-Fowey v St Ives

Group 5:

Round 1 - January 16

Bodmin II v Stithians

Veor-Holman II v Camelford

St. Just v Redruth Albany

Round 2 - January 23

Camelford v Stithians

St. Just v Bodmin II

Redruth Albany v Veor-Holman II

Round 3 - January 30

Bodmin II v Camelford

Stithians v Redruth Albany

Veor-Holman II v St. Just

Round 4 - February 13

St. Just v Stithians

Redruth Albany v Camelford

Veor-Holman II v Bodmin II

Round 5 - February 20

Bodmin II v Redruth Albany

Camelford v St. Just

Stithians v Veor-Holman II

Group 6:

Round 1 - January 16

Saltash II v Bude II

Liskeard-Looe II v Wadebridge Camels II

Launceston II v St Austell II

Round 2 - January 23

Wadebridge Camels II v Bude II

Launceston II v Saltash II

St Austell II v Liskeard-Looe II

Group 7:

Round 1 - January 16

Pirates Ams - SPARE

Truro II v Camborne II

Penryn II v Falmouth II

Round 2 - January 23

Camborne II - SPARE

Penryn II v Pirates Ams II

Falmouth II v Truro II