A pair of Falmouth residents were treated to a view of a pod of more than eight dolphins - from their balcony.

On Tuesday, January 5 at approximately 10:30am, University of Exeter PhD researchers Chris and Teuntje Hollaar spotted the group of marine mammals from their home in central Falmouth.

Teuntje said: "We saw them by surprise.

"We were at home and saw them from our flat balcony, which overlooks the Falmouth harbour.

"We saw them there for an hour, they were swimming up and down the harbour and seemed to be feeding there. It looked like there was a whole pod of them, with at least eight dolphins.

"They stayed in the harbour for about an hour.

"After the hour we saw them disappear around the corner of the harbour behind the docks towards the open estuary in front of St. Mawes.

"We then went outside on our daily exercise and saw them again from the Pendennis Castle view point and they were swimming in the estuary in-between the castles of St Mawes and Falmouth.

"We managed to capture some photographs and videos of them.

"It was absolutely stunning and amazing to see so many of these great creatures in the wild. It emphasizes even more how important it is to take care of our oceans."