DEVON and Cornwall's deputy police chief has said that despite people being 'fed-up' with lockdown rules his officers have to be firm and save lives by making sure people are keeping apart, isolating and staying at home.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast this morning, Deputy Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police Paul Netherton said the police don't want to be seen as draconian or 'ruining' people's enjoyment of the outdoors but they needed to be aware of the risks

"I think people are beginning to get fed up with it and I can understand that but we have to be firm we have to save lives we have to make sure people are keeping apart isolating and staying at home.

"I know they want to get out and exercise and basically get back to normality but the reality is if we keep mixing the disease keeps going up and so police officers are trying to explain that to members of the public and yes they don’t want to be seen as draconian, they don’t want to be seen as ruining people’s enjoyment of the outdoors

But what they’ve got to do, this is what my officers are doing is they are going out and telling people that the risk that they are taking by mixing is causing the disease to continue to go up.

NPCC guidance, published on January 6, says officers should still offer people "encouragement" to comply with the regulations and explain any changes.

"However, if the individual or group does not respond appropriately, then enforcement can follow without repeated attempts to encourage people to comply with the law," the NPCC said.

At the weekend it was reported that the police had been called to more than 250 Covid breaches in one shift while Okehampton Police were warning people not to travel to Dartmoor after care were seen parked in local car parks. While people travelling to Falmouth beaches by car were also criticised for not following the rules.

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Devon and Cornwall Police say you can leave home to exercise with your household, support bubble or one person from another household. Maintain social distance from anyone you don’t live with. Stay local and walk or cycle if you can. More on the polices FAQs page: Here