The design of a two-storey 'cube' to replace a popular seafront restaurant has been described as 'dreadful'.

Falmouth Town Council's planning committee recommended refusal for the proposed two-storey build on the Hooked on the Rocks site on Swanpool Beach. They added that any accommodation on the top floor should be tied to use of restaurant staff.

An application has been received from a Mr Steve Shepherd to demolish the existing restaurant and replace with a new restaurant and apartment and associated works.

Coun Alan Jewell said the designers had got on the Linden Homes bandwagon. "Whatever they can do, we can do worse," he said, calling the building a 'cube'.

Coun Bob O'Shea said this was the third attempt trying to get something done with the 'Rocks'. "Another opportunity to make it look decent, it just gets worse," he said.

Falmouth mayor Steve Eva said the building had to be replaced but this was totally out of place. "We'd get hung drawn and quartered if we passed that design," he said.

Councillor John Spargo said the whole thing was 'dreadful'.