VILLAGERS are up in arms over a proposal to site a rabbit farm on the edge of a creek in an Area of Outstanding Natural beauty near Mylor Bridge.

So far the application to install a mobile home for a temporary worker's dwelling and barn on land north of Tregunwith Wood, Tregunwith has received 81 comments of objection.

The application was lodged with Cornwall Council last month by Phil Kerry to enable him to live on site to look after, what would eventually become over three years, a farm for 250 free range doe rabbits producing 10,000 units a year.

The site is located down a one kilometre track, which is also a popular public footpath, leading to the Pandora Inn and Mylor Bridge.

It would be set in an open field on the south-western shore of Restronguet Creek. A patchwork of open fields and hedges which border the creek where building is limited.

Feock Parish Council is objecting to the plans, writing on the council website: “Feock Parish Council consider that the proposed development within the AONB will have an enormous detrimental visual impact and will be clearly seen from Penpol, Point Quay, and the Old Tram Road, Devoran.

"There are also risks of pollution to the creek especially the effect of the high run off of nitrates which one might assume would be associated with such a project.

"The primary purpose of the AONB designation is to conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the landscape, this proposal would be contrary to this aim and therefore we object to this application."

Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has also objected to the proposal saying there will be the need for intensive fencing and light spill from the buildings and headlights of vehicles attending the site and other paraphernalia associated with rabbit husbandry.

It says: “We do not consider that this proposal with its conspicuous and uncharacteristic appearance in this location addresses the AONB’s sensivity and capacity. It would not conserve and enhance the landscape character and natural beauty of the AONB or comply with the development plan policy and we object on that basis”

The Restronguet Creek Society has also objected to the application.

Among the 81 objections raised by local residents, landscape architect Penelope Polglaze from Mylor wrote: "This inappropriate development will particularly negatively impact the landscape character of this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Coastal Vulnerability Zone, with very few benefits for the local population and wildlife. It will not enhance Cornwall's natural environment and assets.

"There is no requirement for employee accommodation and there is no identified local need for the product, rabbit meat.

"The County Wildlife site adjoins an important nesting site for various bird species, including herons and egrets, as well as other protected species such as otters, and brown long-eared, lesser horseshoe and common pipistrelle bats.

"A rabbit farm would attract wildlife such as foxes and badgers, possibly domestic dogs, threatening local conservation efforts.

"The intensive farming of rabbits could even facilitate a local outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, as seen in mink in Denmark. It is entirely possible that these intensively farmed animals might pass on this virus, or one of the many others that they can harbour, to wildlife and humans."