Students at one school in Cornwall are having their online PE lessons brought to them via a collection of superheroes, animals, rock stars and video game characters thanks to the hard work and ingenuity of their teacher.

Nathan Irons, who teaches physical education at Hayle School, started posting costumed work out videos when his niece and nephew asked whether he could do better than TV personality and fitness coach Joe Wicks.

After creating a video and then realising he would not be able to send it over to them due to its file size, Nathan decided to upload the videos to YouTube where they could be viewed by anyone.

“That’s how it all started,” said Nathan. “I wondered whether I could do it better, so I did it.”

Nathan has so far managed to film and upload over 30 exercise videos that include anything from understanding the effects of exercise, teaching training methods, exercise intensity, warm downs and detailing different types of works out, while also having a lot of fun along the way.

The videos feature exercise classes from the likes of Spiderman, Captain America, Super Mario, a Pirate, a Rockstar and even a giant cockroach and are helping Nathan to show students that there can be a fun side to exercise and that it’s not all hard work.

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However, Nathan did admit that some of the costumes were easier to work out in than others.

“I couldn’t see through the goggles I was wearing with the cockroach costume so that made it a bit harder, too.

“Some of the older students think I’ve lost the plot, but when they’re away from a classroom where they don’t have to worry so much about what everyone else is thinking they do get involved.”

And it’s not just students that are taking advantage of Nathan’s new and engaging PE format.

“In fact, not only are the students getting involved but some teachers are doing it too, my mum has also smashed out the lot!

“Anyone and everyone can do it and it’s a fun way to keep fit and healthy, fitness should be fun!”

More of Nathan's videos can be found here.

Nathan Jogging on the spot as Super Mario (Source:YouTube/Ironsiesfancydressfitness!)

Nathan Jogging on the spot as Super Mario (Source:YouTube/Ironsiesfancydressfitness!)