Helston Footprints, the campaign to help reduce the town's carbon footprint, says it has already begun to reduce emissions and is still looking for even more people to get involved.

The initiative, which is run by Helston Climate Action group members, is using the GIKI Zero app, alongside the Carbon Buddy Manual workbook Carbon Buddy Project, to help residents calculate their carbon footprint and then take steps to reduce their own environmental impact.

The app will ask users questions about their lifestyles and habits in order to gauge their current carbon footprint – an estimate of the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that a person emits each year based on their lifestyle.

This includes how they travel and how often, how they heat their homes and even what they eat and how often they do their shopping.

Once it has all these details, the app can then score users based on their answers and allow them to see their overall impact in a more detailed, itemised way.

Once this is done, users can then go on to see how they can make small adjustments to each part of their life in order to reduce their carbon footprint, with some suggestions even capable of saving people money too.

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A spokesperson for the group has said: "Thank you to everyone who has got in touch to join in with this important work, including Helston Town Mayor, John Martin! – we have started our journey and are already seeing savings.

"We are delighted to be able to report reductions in emissions and reduced demand on resources already, and hope to see more in the weeks to come."

So far, the Helston Footprints team has saved almost two tonnes of carbon emissions and reduced water use by over 1500 litres.

The group have even managed to make a small reduction in demand for land by helping people to make different choices about what they eat or the clothes they buy.

If the scheme continues in this way, the land now not being used could be made available for nature or rewilded.

If you're interested in taking part or want to learn more about the scheme, you can get in touch with the Helston Footprints team at www.helstonclimateaction.earth or by emailing helstonfootprints@gmail.com