Sky TV and broadband customers could see their bills increase by up to £72 as the telecommunications company announced a price hike.

Sky has confirmed it will be increasing the cost of a number of TV and broadband services from April 1, 2021.

How much more will I be paying?

The average price increase will be £3 per month, which works out as £36 extra per year.

However, eight per of Sky customers will be paying double this cost if they have multiple Sky services.

BT Sport, Sky Talk Anytime Extra, and Sky Talk International Extra will increase by £2 per month, with the Sky Broadband Essential service increasing by £3 per month.

The Sky Signature TV package, multiscreen, Sky HD, Sky Ultimate, and Sky Broadband Superfast will all be rising in cost by £1 per month.

However, price rises are capped at £6 per month (£72 a year), so your overall bill will not be able to rise by more than that.

Some services are not changing in price though. Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Sky Kids, and Sky Talk Evening and Weekends Extra will remain the same. Sky Mobile services will also remain unaffected.

Customers who will be affected by the price hike will be informed in writing over the next month. Any customers who have not heard from Sky by March 27 are not affected by any price increases.

For those who wish to leave Sky, you may be able to do so without facing a penalty, but this depends on your contract and the services you are signed up to.

It’s also worth checking what other deals are out there before switching, as you may still be on the cheapest deal.

A Sky spokesperson said in a statement: “We know price increases are never welcome and we try to keep prices down whilst still delivering the content our customers love, the flexibility to choose the package that suits them and with leading customer service”.