A funeral hearse came to a dead stop this week after it was clamped in a clampdown by the DVLA on the Tregoniggie Industrial Estate in Falmouth.

Falmouth councillor Dave Saunby took the picture on the road leading onto the estate and it is thought the vehicle was targeted because it had no tax or MOT.

He posted it on his Falmouth Down the Years page on Facebook saying: "Look out, look out the DVLA clampers are about."

"Thankfully, there was not a coffin inside."

Mr Saunby told the Packet: "There were quite a few other vehicles clamped on the industrial estate, which I assume were not taxed or MOT'd."

It is not thought to be an actual working hearse.

Vicky Eva, wife of Falmouth mayor Steve Eva, said: "At long last too many vehicles parked up around Tregoniggie taking up spaces that the workers in the area need. I just wish everyone parked sensibly - not leaving too big a gap - as often spaces are wasted as gap not big enough to get in."

The police, the local council or the DVLA can clamp and tow away cars or other vehicles parked illegally on roads or public land. The DVLA can act when it has the lawful authority to do so if a car is untaxed - unless it's on a person's own property. ... DVSA enforcement officers can do this when a car is a danger to road users.