A Good Samaritan has made the day of a woman by paying for her shopping after she forgot her card.

Rhiann Robertson, 20, had popped into Pengelly's - formerly Costcutter - in Porthleven and was just about to pay when she realised she had forgotten her debit card.

She went outside the shop quickly to check to see whether the card was with her mum but found that it wasn't.

However, upon her return, Rhiann was informed by the checkout assistant that someone had in fact stepped in to pay for her shopping while she had been gone.

Falmouth Packet: Rhiann took to Facebook to thank her mysterious benefactor (Credit:Facebook/RhiannRobertson)Rhiann took to Facebook to thank her mysterious benefactor (Credit:Facebook/RhiannRobertson)

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Rhiann told the Packet: "I went back into the shop and the cashier lady told me that someone had paid for it.

"He told her he didn't want me to know his name but she then told it was Brian and he's a local to Porthleven from what I gather.

"He basically told the cashier that he wanted to return the favour as the same thing had happened to him and it felt like good karma.

"I wanted to say thank you but he had driven off by the time I got back, which is a shame.

"It definitely made my day as I'd been feeling a little down and that turned it all around.

"I'd just like to say thank you and that the world needs more people like Brian."